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I cracked guys. But, vow to use Instagram more than this blog from now on to document the next year that goes by.

For those of you that still care, the follow name is above. 

Anonymous said:What will happen when you run out of money?

I’ll make more and go again. 

Anonymous said:Where is your next destination?

This is 2013. Starting in Japan. Hopefully the plan can extend longer than a year, but in reality, money will eventually run out. 

Anonymous said:How come do you find those trips to go? is it something your college arranges?

Up until now, yes. I have managed to integrate travel into my study and it has been the most awe-inspiring and educational ways of experiencing another culture or place through a different outlook. However, my degree required certain hours of ‘fieldwork’ and these supplemented that requirement. 

I finished my degree in October and will be travelling independently around the world for quite some time. No study. No research. Just living day to day in a country of my choosing until my bank account reaches zero.  

seabluecranes said:Why do you travel?

I got sick of reblogging pictures of places I wanted to be, and started discovering the real possibility of being there. I thought of money, timing, how long I could be away, how I could integrate travel with my life. I dreamt. I planned. I discovered.  

The question should not be ‘why’ but rather, ‘why not?’. I was born on a massive island in the Pacific Ocean with no cultural roots, family abroad or additional language. My origin is and always will be just a single country. But at the same time, I was born with curiosity, a trait which we all have but sometimes don’t have the ability to act on. The curiosity has made me want to live and breath how others do in order to solve my own curiosity. Why should I sit in a 9-5 job in my early twenties when I can be living in a village in Bangladesh? Why should I be eating everyday food when I can be in the street stalls of dirty cities in Indonesia eating for a margin of the price? Travelling should not be unusual, it is simply living your life through another perspective. It can be horrible, it can be magnificent. But at the end of the day, I will look back on memories of what life should be. 

r-e-dheart said:What's the most magical place you've been to?

After this last month, I would have to say watching the sunrise and sunset in Bagan, Central Burma. It is something which is both out of this world and no words or pictures can accurately describe the feeling in that moment. Everything is just, perfect.

Anonymous said:Where are you?

Myanmar/ Burma. The best place in the world.

nothing world. from Jonathon Collins on Vimeo.

Sorry all. I’ve been slack with posting, but this is the reason why. Here is a video of a journey into an incredible part of the world. 

SBTRKT- Wildfire. 

'I could bet all the riches that I ever had. Rush in the night like a shock, babe, would it be bad?'

One day I will find someone to do this with.


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